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At a little over 1 Pound, The Yobow Therapeutic Massage Pistol is the most compact massage pistol design ever. The perfect combination of power and size, making it perfect for relief on the go. The Warm Up Bands help get your lower and upper body warm and ready to play in less than 30 seconds  — Helps with injury prevention.

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DUPR is the most accurate global rating system used by some of the world’s premier pickleball organizations and tournaments. It’s free to use and allows recreational players to have a rating without having to play in tournaments.

Pickle & Social

Pickle & Social will be a unique combination of indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, table tennis, and an outdoor gathering space known as The ACL Yard, with a stage for live music. Pickle & Social is a full-service restaurant and bar, with a chef-inspired menu that offers fresh American classics made from high-quality ingredients with healthy, decadent, gluten-friendly, and allergen-conscious options. Pickle & Social will be the perfect place to gather before or after some friendly competition, league play, lessons & clinics, tournaments, private events, parties and so much more. 

More Than Energy

Peak Performance & Feeling Good – The Right Way.

All the energy benefits of caffeine without any of the pitfalls like jitters and insomnia, while also boosting mood, melting stress, and promoting better sleep at night.

11 adaptogens and nootropics provide foundational support to get you dialed-in, calm, and energizedthe right way. And because its formulated with healthy ingredients, that have accumulating benefits, regular use is encouraged.

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ProXR Pickleball

ProXR is an innovative sports technology company that launched in baseball with an ergonomic handle technology built to increase exit velocity using the science of kinesiology. ProXR technology is currently present in Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League and now Pro Pickleball. ProXR Pickleball began by bringing the same technology to pickleball to increase hand speed, giving players an advantage on every type of shot from groundstrokes at the baseline to quicker hands at the net. ProXR Pickleball continues to innovate in the pickleball space with the goal of creating a the most scientifically advanced pickleball paddle in the market. 



Every great sneaker needs a great sock, which is why I’m so excited to be partnering with Thorlo socks. Thorlo engineers sport-specific socks, which sets them apart from the competition. The socks are super durable and prevent blisters after long hours on the court! Thorlo is launching new pickleball socks that are specifically engineered for pickleball to perform and protect your feet while you play and compete. 


Stop Alzheimer’s Now 

Stop Alzheimer’s Now (SAN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating Alzheimer’s Disease. SAN is run by people dedicated to this cause who generously donate their time, so 100% of donations go to research and awareness initiatives. Since 2013, SAN has raised nearly $500,000 for Alzheimer’s Research.