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PPA Tour Commissioner Connor Pardoe joins the PicklePod to clarify the current paddle testing situation. He shares his vision for the future of the tour and addresses current pain points. One big change coming this spring is gambling on pickleball which is expected to debut in May. Tune in for an inside look at one of pickleball’s most influential personalities.


The bad boy of pickleball DJ Young joins the PicklePod to discuss his run-in with the law. Young is the first player to be fined on the PPA Tour. DJ breaks news about not being able to use his paddle at PPA Austin. The guys discuss USA Pickleball revamping paddle testing, Nationals’ new home, and Dude Perfect joining the list of MLP owners. Plus, the winner of the merch giveaway is announced.


There is huge breakup news in the world of pro-mixed doubles. The superteam of Riley Newman and Anna Bright has called it quits. Also in this episode, Zane rates the moves of the MLP Shuffle Draft and crushes on his AI alter ego. The commenters steer the conversation into the court of public opinion. It’s the last chance to be a guest on the PicklePod. Jump in the YouTube comments and let us know who is the Shooter McGavin of pickleball.


On a new episode of PicklePod, Zane and Thomas cover the PPA Indoor National Championships. James Ignatowich stole the show on the court and on the mic. Zane explains how players can build a personal brand. The guys discuss possible options to replace the coveted MLP Dreambreaker. There’s still time for you to be a guest on the show – jump in the comments and leave a review. One fan will be selected to guest star on an upcoming episode.


The hottest new pickleball debate is pushing paddle testing to its legal limits. Zane and Thomas go in on the most creative ways to skirt pickleball rules. Pro serves seem to be rising higher and higher, is the drop serve the only feasible solution? We want you to get involved. Show some love in the comments and one listener will make a guest appearance on the pod.


Ladies and gentlemen, PicklePod is back! Zane Navratil and Thomas Shields have teamed up to bring you all of the pickleball talk that you can handle. In the debut episode they cover MLP Mesa, a new pickleball reality show and the madness in trying to govern paddle technology. Buckle up for a brand new PicklePod.