Zane Navratil Pickleball August 2022 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball August 2022 Newsletter

Jenny and I finally made the move to Austin, Texas, and we enjoyed a little bit of an “off season” before returning to play one of my favorite tournaments of the year: The Beer City Open!

I was able to grab a silver medal in singles and a silver medal in mixed doubles with Andrea. On Sunday we did an MLP exhibition, and team Pilsner, consisting of myself, Andrei Daescu, Jackie Kawamoto, and Vivienne David, took home the W. 

I also made a quick trip to Atlanta, GA to check out the grounds for the first Pickle and Social location. Shoot us an email if you want to know more about P&S, and trust me, you do!

It’s back to the grind in August! 

We’re gearing up for the second half of 2022 with clinics all across the country.  Come and experience why the APP Academy clinics are selling out at each location! Our clinics are divided by distinct skill levels (3.0, 3.5 & 4.0+), we limit our student to teacher ratio at 8:1, and every participant is given personal attention and distinct feedback from the pros.

Registration is now open for these upcoming APP Academy clinics:

  • Randolph, NJ – Monday, August 15th
  • Philadelphia, PA – Monday, August 29th
  • Buffalo Grove, IL – Monday, September 5th
  • Griffin, GA – Monday, September 12th

Growing up in a tiny town, playing sports was a lifeline. Athletics came easy, but nothing was taken seriously. In 2001, thru a series of serendipitous events, I began fitness coaching. Over 21 years later, I’m still in love with the job. I graduated from massage school in 2013 to become a better trainer. Once I found pickleball in Oct ‘20, like so many others, I was hooked! When I met Zane at a pickleball clinic, I loved his good energy. We decided to work together and the coaching came naturally, but in the beginning our crappy internet connections tried to sabotage us! Thankfully, neither of us are quitters, we stuck it out and have forged a strong relationship. Now, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several pickleball players; having 40 years of sports experience helps me understand the needs of the athlete. I specialize in chronic pain, injury and illness, however having an extensive CrossFit background also means hard work is inevitable. And hard work pays off! I reside in Austin, TX and super duper love dogs/rescue causes, exploring new things, good food and geeking out on fascia, recovery methods, and the microbiome. 

Connect with Leslie on Instagram: @Bulletproof_your_body

Or via email:

Massaging is an integral part of my warm up and recovery routines. Check out Yobow – the world’s most compact massage gun, and use promo code Zane for free shipping!

I’ve been training hard in the offseason, and I still have a ton of new and used Franklin signature paddles available for sale on my website with free shipping!

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