Zane Navratil Pickleball February 15th, 2024 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball February 15th, 2024 Newsletter

With the wedding coming up at the end of next month (That’s crazy!) Jenny and I celebrated out bachelorette and bachelor parties. I stayed in Austin and fired some guns, went to some comedy clubs, played paintball, and enjoyed some BBQ with friends. Jenny took a slightly bougier approach by flying to Napa Valley, CA for some wine, yoga, shopping, etc. Now it’s full steam ahead with last minute wedding prep!

On a side note, I asked Jenny to go to the bank to pick up $500 in singles on the Thursday ahead of my bachelor party. It made perfect sense to me: I am offering prize money for my new YouTube Series – Pros Vs 5.0s – and I thought $500 in singles would look cool. She agreed to pick up some cash, but gave it to me once I returned home from the bachelor party haha! Check out the section below on how those singles were put to use!

In pickleball news, I actually played a tournament for the first time since early December! Andrea Koop and I got to the quarterfinals before losing to Anna Bright and James Ignatowich, but we did have this highlight point which was pretty solid! Erik Lange and I partnered up for the first time and had ourselves a day! We won two solid matches before beating the #2 seed of Riley Newman and Thomas Wilson. We lost to Dekel Bar and Tyson McGuffin, but defeated Christian Alshon and Julian Arnold to take Bronze!

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Join Thomas and me on the Picklepod every week in person on YouTube or listen wherever you get your podcasts. Check out our latest episodes here!

Watch out for my new YouTube series: Pros vs 5.0s, where the 5.0s will have some sort of an advantage over the pros, all playing for a $500 pot. Ever wonder if 5.0s could win if the pros had to play one up, one back? or if the 5.0s got a bigger court, or if the pros had to play with two paddles? See for yourself starting February 27th!

Har-Tru is launching an entirely new type of pickleball court called Pickle Flex Pro. Har-Tru understands that avid pickleball players seek the perfect balance of high performance and supreme comfort. The Pickle Flex Pro court ensures a remarkable combination of speed, ball bounce, and comfort, and players can expect a consistent and high-quality playing surface. Pickle Flex Pro prioritizes well-being and is designed to reduce the force on the body. Players will experience longer, more comfortable matches without sacrificing the thrill of high-intensity games. Use code zane10 for 10% off any purchase of pickleball equipment and accessories.

It’s the perfect time to give More Than Energy a try. I’ve been a long-time friend for many reasons including helping me get into a state of relaxed concentration, sustained energy, and better sleep. If you haven’t tried MTE yet, now is the perfect time with the low risk, low cost travel packs. To sweeten the deal, use this link to get 20% and free shipping! ⤵️

Brian Lim invited me on his podcast Building Pickbleball where we discuss my pickleball journey, career goals, daily routines, and more. Check out his YouTube channel!

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