Zane Navratil Pickleball February 2023 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball February 2023 Newsletter

A new year is refreshing, and this year feels like a new start in a couple of ways: New partnerships, new tour, and a new paddle! It’s definitely keeping things exciting!

In the first tournament of the year, the PPA Hyundai Masters, I had some pretty solid results, but no hardware. In singles I finished 5th, and the same is true of Mixed Doubles with Lina Padegimaite and Men’s Doubles with Thomas Wilson.

Jenny and I have been doing a lot of wedding planning as well! We’ve locked down a date, a venue, and most importantly, a DJ!

Finally, I teamed up with Matt Wright, Lina Padegimaite, and Yana Grechkina for the first event of Major League Pickleball 2023. Unfortunately we didn’t advance to the team playoffs, and we have some work to do, but we’re all proud to represent Team Clean!

Partnering with ProXR Pickleball was an easy decision –  we both believe in growing the sport of pickleball through creating the best and most advanced playing experience for amateurs and professionals alike. ProXR has tremendous passion for the game and their dedication to innovation in pickleball is simply unmatched. 

We will be sending out more information about how to get your ProXR Zane Navratil Signature paddle soon. Stay tuned!

I decided that I want to do more reading, so I started the year off with Atomic Habits by James Clear!

Atomic Habits is about creating effective pathways to improvement. If you’re a goal-oriented person like me, happiness occurs at one point in time: When the goal has been achieved.

One key takeaway from this book for me, and for any athlete, is to change your orientation to the systems that you employ. Create a system that will help you improve. Instead of only being happy when a goal is achieved, you can be happy any time your system is functioning. There were tons of great takeaways, and I’d highly recommend it!

What should I read next?

I’m thrilled to be a partner of Pickle and Social! P&S is the third concept to be introduced under the Competitive Social Ventures Holding Company. Embracing their Mission to bring people together for FUN and authentic shared experiences by creating an unbeatable atmosphere, innovative play, amazing food and drink, and top-notch service.

P&S began as a vision to create a unique destination combining a chef-inspired menu, signature drinks, and live entertainment, along with premier indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. Whether one comes for the competition or stays for the music, they have something fun for everyone. So, if you are looking to #BeMoreSocial, look no further, P&S is the ultimate hangout spot. Check em out ⤵️

I found the BEST jump rope workout with CROSSROPE!  It’s a full-body workout you can do anywhere.

Use promo code “ZANE” and they’ll give you 15% off your classic or ropeless order! ⤵️

Where are my Spongebob fans?

You “knead” a Yobow, and you “knead” it now. 

Enter code “Zane” at checkout for FREE shipping!

Guys, Sage Hill is one of my favorite places. Jenny and I have taken a couple of trips there just to get away, and it does not disappoint. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, and you can even play some pickleball on your stay.

Definitely check them out!, the PPA Tour,, and are adopting DUPR as the official and exclusive rating system. What’s your DUPR?! Sign up today for free ⤵️
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