Zane Navratil Pickleball June 2023 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball June 2023 Newsletter

May started out in Charlotte, NC, which is a town that I really like. The tournament could’ve gone better for me and my partners, Etta and Spencer, but I still enjoyed the time there. The following weekend I headed to Dallas to participate in the Donald Driver Foundation’s Pickleball tournament and fundraiser. It was awesome to meet the Packers legend who has to be the most down-to-earth celebrity I’ve ever met. The Donald Driver Foundation serves underprivileged youth and believes in offering a hand-up, not a hand-out. Check it out here!

Murray turned 3 years old this month! We threw him a birthday party, but he must not have liked his presents very much because he promptly destroyed them all. Next was Atlanta, another town that I love. I got to spend some time with the Pickle and Social crew and a few old friends 😉

Jenny and I did our engagement photos at the Sage Hill Inn & Spa, which is one of our favorite places to relax. They have four pickleball courts which we stayed far away from, haha!

Finally, my parents came to town and we got to spend Memorial Day weekend together. This was their first time coming to Austin, so we made sure that they did it in style and gifted them a stay at Sage Hill as well! We played some pickle, got some great food, and enjoyed catching up!

ProXR and I teamed up to revamp the Zane Navratil Signature paddle to appeal to a wider audience. Introducing our “Big Face” Zane Navratil paddle: “The Standard”.

  • Equipped with a generously enlarged paddle face, “The Standard” is meticulously crafted to cater to the standard pickleball player’s needs.
  • This upgraded paddle offers a more standard 16 x 8 shape with a 5-inch grip and the shape maximizes the sweet spot while maintaining the unparalleled spin.
  • Available in both 14mm and 16mm thickness. 

Unleash your game with the ultimate upgraded paddle. Check it out here and try it risk free for 30 days!

We’re also offering lightly used (by me) paddles. These paddles have my overgrips and may have lead tape on them as well. They’re the exact paddles that I played with, and I’m happy to sign them! Of course, we have new ones available as well! Purchase yours on my website! ⤵️

Well, I officially have a documentary made about me by my friend over at the Pickleball Studio. The documentary follows me and team BLQK en route to our victory in Columbus, OH in October of 2022.

Definitely worth a watch! ⤵️

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This book was suggested by my friend Chris! Essentialism is the disciplined pursuit of less. In today’s day and age, we are applauded for doing more and more. I noticed myself taking on more projects than feasible. While we might be making progress in several different areas, it’s less efficient than focused work.

Essentialism suggested ways to identify what is truly important and eliminate time wasters. More than anything, Essentialism is about learning to say no to the things that don’t bring joy. At first, it will be hard and people might be irritated, but eventually people will respect your boundaries and learn to work with them.

Thomas Shields and I are bringing you the newest editions of PicklePod, presented by The Dink. This is the best pickleball podcast in the game! Be sure to listen wherever you get your podcasts! 🎙️

Lea Jansen and I are gearing up for our upcoming clinic on Monday, July 24th after the Beer City Open tournament! Our clinic is divided by distinct skill levels, student to teacher ratio is 8:1, and every participant is given individualized attention and personal feedback. 

For more information call: 501.230.1480, or register below using the “register here” button.

Pickle and Social just announced a new location coming in 2024 – Louisville, Kentucky! Nine indoor courts will be a great addition to the pickleball community in a relatively warm city. Construction begins this summer!

Check out more at

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, so there’s no better time to unveil the newest segments of the PicklePod. First, there’s “cussing for a cause”. Everytime somebody cusses, we’re donating $10 to Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

Next, you can ask your question and have it answered live on the show! Make a donation of any amount and we will read and answer any question you can think of. Leave your question in the memo section! I hope to hear from you for a good cause.

We had a record breaking month on YouTube with over 200,000 views! Check out my most viewed videos below! ⤵️ 

Did you know that a portion of every Yobow purchase goes to charity? You can choose from 8 color options for your massage pistol! Each color corresponds to a different charitable organization. I’d call that a win-win. Order your Yobow now and use code Zane for FREE shipping.

Have you tried MTE yet?!

More Than Energy is a perfect, natural way to enhance your focus and performance on the court. My newsletter readers can save 15% by using the code ZANEPICKLE

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