Zane Navratil Pickleball March 18th, 2024 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball March 18th, 2024 Newsletter

March started off at LifeTime in Minnesota for the PPA. Andrea and I took the L in the second round to Brooke Buckner and Collin Schick. Travis and I partnered up for the first time and made it to the quarterfinals before losing to the #1 Seed of Matt Wright and Collin Johns.

I got home on Saturday night then headed over to the Austin Rodeo to do some real Texas stuff haha! Jenny and I watched bullriding, saddlebronc, barrel racing, and tiedowns. We felt like real Texans! On Monday I did a SXSW (South by Southwest) panel with the Texas Ranchers. I was moderating a discussion about how to make the jump from amateur to professional and how teams can identify players and help them develop. It was an interesting discussion and I’m thankful for the opportunity!

Next up was the hometown Austin Showdown tournament! On Friday I teamed up with Andrea again. We lost in the third round to Christian Alshon and Jessie Irvine in a close match, but Murray 🐾 enjoyed himself! Christian and I found redemption and went on an upset run defeating the #6, #1, and #3 seeds in very tough matches to get to the final! We fell to the #4 seed of Andrei Deascu and Matt Wright to end a wild weekend filled with weather delays and venue changes throughout!

On Saturday, we made it official and celebrated with 167 of our closest friends. Of course, we hosted a pickleball event Friday afternoon at the Austin Pickle Ranch, a welcome party Friday night, and a ceremony and reception on Saturday.

I’m so lucky to have found my soulmate, and I hope that everybody can experience something as magical as what we were able to experience on Saturday.✨

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Thank you to ProXR and Thorlo Socks for sponsoring my last two videos! 🙌

Thomas and I are grateful for our guests, from players, officials, and insiders that bring different perspectives on the pro game and yet seem to put up with our podcast antics. Today, we welcome Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters to the proverbial hotseat! Our latest Picklepod episodes are linked here for you:


Last week I made my first appearance on the Rod Pederson Show, a daily sports podcast, which is part of the Game Plus Network family. I’ll be a regular guest on Rod’s show to recap the latest with Major League Pickleball.

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Major League Pickleball is back!

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