Zane Navratil Pickleball May 2023 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball May 2023 Newsletter

I guess it’s pretty redundant to say that this month was busy because they’re all busy. I’d rather be busy than bored! At the beginning of the month, Jenny and I took a quick trip to the Texas wine country (yeah, that’s actually a thing). Murray enjoyed himself!

The following weekend was the Red Rock Open in St George, Utah. Singles and men’s doubles with Rafa Hewett went okay, but nothing special. Susannah Barr and I made a nice run to the semis in mixed, losing to the eventual champs in a close match. We took out the #1 and #2 seed in the tournament en route to a bronze medal. I also hit the best shot of my life! 

I ended the month over in Newport Beach, CA. There was no singles in this tournament and unfortunately Etta Wright, my mixed partner, was sick, so I left it all on the court with DJ Young in men’s doubles. We lost in the quarters to the eventual runners up, Matt Wright and Riley Newman, but we had a nice backdraw run to finish 5th.

Finally, I went on a little vacation to Costa Rica with Jenny, my mom, and my dad! Murray wasn’t able to make the trip unfortunately, but it was fun to get some jungle time!

Shea and Caleb came to Austin and we filmed some sick trick shots including what has to be a Guinness World Record!

This was the day before Dude Perfect, one of the largest YouTube channels in the world, announced that they had purchased a stake in my Major League Pickleball team. RIP Clean Cause, haha!

Moneyball by Michael Lewis

This book basically revolutionized baseball. I’m not a huge baseball fan (although it may seem like it after February’s reading of The MVP Machine), but this book is more about the challenging of conventional wisdom than it is about baseball.

The book follows Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane as he attempts to compete with teams with triple the budget. Since the A’s can’t possibly win a bidding war, they had to challenge the status quo. They used in-depth statistics rather than “the eye test” to identify players that were undervalued and create a competitive roster.

This made me wonder: Which pickleballers are the most underrated? Personally, I think that Dylan Frazier and Susannah Barr are the most underrated. What do you think?!

What other book suggestions do you have?!

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