Zane Navratil Pickleball May 21st, 2024 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball May 21st, 2024 Newsletter

May was chaos! We love chaos! We had the first weekend off, so some friends and I went to a minor league hockey game. Funny enough, they were playing the Milwaukee Admirals! Jack and I finished up a few clinics at Kissing Tree and the Austin Pickle Ranch. Thanks to everybody that attended!

Next up was MLP! It was our first event with the new team, and I’m proud to say that the New Jersey 5s went undefeated! We won all three of our matches in thrilling dreambreaker fashion! While we weren’t atop the standings because we only played three matches, we were the only team to leave Atlanta without a loss. We wouldn’t want to disappoint Gary V, who attended our Friday night rivalry match against the New York Hustlers!

The Atlanta PPA tournament didn’t go as well, unfortunately, as I took early round losses with Lina and DJ. On the bright side, Jenny and I are headed out on our honeymoon! We’re headed to Tuscany, Venice, Vienna, and Dubrovnik. Our full itinerary is here. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

How about a new segment: What I’m working on! I figured I might share the drills and concepts that I’m actually working on.

For the last couple of weeks, my focus has been on handspeed. Everybody is getting really good at dinking, dropping, attacking, etc. Matches now, more than ever, are won by handspeed. A few things I’m doing include:

  • Vision Training (See more on that below)
  • Wall Drills
  • On-Court Drills

The on-court drills are primarily just working volleys in different directions with a partner. Backhand to backhand, backhand to forehand, forehand to backhand, forehand to forehand, and random! This was a drill that John Cincola introduced me to. Check out his YouTube channel for tons of other great drills!

I’ve been working with Sam from SportSight for a few months now, and I definitely find it’s helping on the court. We focus on vision training: improving how quickly you can pick up visual cues! Interested in checking them out? See for yourself! 👀 ⤵️

Next month I’ll be visiting Har-Tru and checking out their new portable indoor pickleball court called Pickle Flex Pro. Made with interlocking tiles, install is quick and easy, and it is made for high-performance play and engineered to reduce impact on your body. Use code zane10 for 10% off pickleball equipment and accessories.

Playing at my best takes the best equipment, even when it comes to socks! Whether you’re a touring pro or rec player, Thorlo’s pickleball socks help up your game on with unmatched softness, resilience, and durability. They provide maximum comfort and support so you can focus on performing your best without the distraction of sore feet!

If you’re in Canada be sure to tune into Gameplus Network to catch the 5s at the Beer City Open!

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