Zane Navratil Pickleball November 2021 Newsletter

Zane Navratil Pickleball November 2021 Newsletter

October was definitely one for the books!

Wow, October was a crazy month that had me on the road 20/31 days, but I can’t complain too much. It beats a desk job! Speaking of desk jobs, this month I completed my final exam and paperwork and am officially a CPA, but rest assured I won’t be preparing taxes this April. 

After claiming gold and my first PPA title at the Texas Open, Jenny and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in Cancun, and it was just what the doctor ordered. 

Hilton Head was a success with my future Major League Pickleball teammate Vivienne David. We took bronze in our first tournament together, and I was able to claim the singles title. Even cooler than that, I was able to come away with the ProXR Sportsmanship Award, for which I was allowed to donate $500 to my favorite charity: Rescue Gang (where we adopted Murray from).

I finished out the month undefeated in singles with a championship run at the PPA’s biggest event of the year in Las Vegas!

Finally, I’ll be spending some extended time in Austin, TX exploring the city with friends, teaching a camp at Sage Hill Inn & Spa and competing in the Major League Pickleball event at Dreamland. 

Upcoming Tournaments

  • November 5 – 8, Major League Pickleball
  • December 3 – 5, APP Casa Grande Open
  • December 9 – 12, USA Pickleball Nationals

Upcoming Clinics

Charlotte Clinics
Thu/Fri/Sat, Nov 18-20, 2021

Pickleball Charlotte 10930 Granite St, Charlotte, NC 28273

2-hour clinics and play with a pro sessions led by ZANE NAVRATIL (#2 World Ranked singles player with DUPR 7.017 rating) and JOHN CINCOLA (#8 World Ranked singles player with DUPR 6.565 rating)

For more information call 704.583.1444 or email


MLP Season One is a 4-day pickleball festival happening just outside of Austin, TX, featuring non-stop, high-level pickleball, a 3-day amateur tournament, clinics, live music, food & drinks. Eight teams of four pro players – two men and two women – will compete in a round-robin style competition, playing all other seven teams. The format will consist of mens doubles, womens doubles and two mixed doubles matches. If the teams are tied, there’s an exciting singles format tie-breaker, never before seen in pickleball.

On Monday night, November 8th, the two final teams will compete in the Pickleball Finals, which will be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network. All matches leading up to the finals will be streamed on MLP’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Tickets and the full schedule are available on

Get to know

One of the biggest keys to pickleball success is preparation, but we all define success differently. I want to win pro tournaments! Other people have different goals, whether it’s having fun with friends, getting better, signing up for your first tournament, etc.

One thing is true for everybody: pickleball is a whole lot more fun when it doesn’t hurt! I use Therabody products to aid in my recovery, allowing me to play more pickleball!

My personal favorites are the Theragun Pro and The Recovery Air. The Theragun Pro is a percussive massage gun that is perfect for muscle activation before playing and recovery after playing. The Recovery Air is a medical device that improves circulation to your legs and flushes out lactic acid, which helps you feel better and play better!

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